Skill Assessment

The skill assessment provides precise insight into the student’s strengths and scope for development. This helps us to plan their self directed learning curriculum.

Personalized Learning

Bringi learning sheets are structured to allow incremental learning in modules. There are hints and examples in the learning guide to help students solve the sheets.

One on One Coaching

Students develop independent learning skills in our Bringi learning. The coach will guide the students (offline/online) as they move through their personalized learning program.

Learning by teaching

This method encourages students to take on the role of a teacher in order to enhance their learning experience by explaining the concept which they learned on the day. This helps students build on their creativity, communication, and presentation skills.


Bringi Math programme helps to improve problem-solving skills through personalized learning. Starting from recognizing numbers, learning sheets help learners to develop mental calculation skills, Analytical skills, and logical thinking abilities.


Bringi English programme helps learners to cultivate a high level of reading ability. While enriching fundamental skills: Listening, speaking, reading, and Writing.

Benefits of Bringi Learning

Your Child Develops Problem-solving ability and Confidence.

Your Child stays ahead of the rest of the class with better Concept understanding.

Your Child learns effective Time management & Communication Skills.

Your child becomes an independent thinker.